About us

At Upstream Tech, we build real, scalable SaaS climate tech products already in use by hundreds of customers around the world.

We’re a fully-remote, passionate – and dare-we-say kind – team of engineers, scientists, environmentalists, and people striving to mitigate climate change and supporting those taking action now.


We make two products.


Lens is a remote monitoring platform that has expanded access to satellite and aerial imagery and supports the protection and management of more than 70 million acres around the world. 

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HydroForecast is the most accurate forecast of river flow operationally available. This scientific and technological breakthrough enables smarter utilization of our most precious resource, freshwater.

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Our team

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Sound like some folks you want to work with? We're looking for passionate people to help us make an impact. Also, check out our Careers page.

Our story

Marshall and Alden, two software engineers with experience in several successful technology startups, founded Upstream Tech. Motivated to align their passion with their backgrounds, they started Upstream Tech to harness technological innovations for an underserved space: conservation and water.

In 2019, we launched both HydroForecast and Lens. The Upstream Tech team grew to include computer programmers, machine learning engineers, and environmental experts to translate technological capabilities into solutions for conservation organizations, governments, utilities, and companies.

The team continues to grow and expand product offerings for a range of conservation and clean energy applications.

Year founded by Marshall and Alden
Acquired by Natel Energy
Hired our 20th team member
Closed a strategic investment and spun out into Upstream Tech Inc