Water and weather intelligence, at your fingertips

Manage water risk. See more clearly into the future with AI-powered forecasts for planning and operations.

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Proven Performance

HydroForecast swept a year long short-term flow forecasting competition hosted by the United States Bureau of Reclamation, CEATI and hydropower utilities and verified by RTI International.

In every competition region, HydroForecast was more accurate further into the future and provided better insight in both drought conditions and 1,000-year storms.

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Plan confidently with forecasts

HydroForecast is designed with resource planning in mind. Its forecasting core responds to basin and climatic changes to enable users to assess and mitigate risk.

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Deploy a virtual gauge, instantly

Model real-time flows anywhere without expensive hardware and  ongoing maintenance.


Reconstruct historical flows

Construct streamflow records in ungauged basins. HydroForecast can fill in the gaps in sparse data records, or paint the entire picture.

Ready for Your Industry

A run-of-river hydropower turbine

Hydropower operations

Minimize spill and optimize reservoir operations with forecasts directly at your fleet’s assets

Energy trading

Improve day-ahead and real-time market bidding decisions with hourly data on incoming flows

A sunrise over a mountain and river

Dam safety

Quantify the magnitude and timing of large events like floods earlier and more accurately; confidently identify low-flow periods for maintenance

Emergency preparedness

Monitor for risk of extreme flows further in advance and deploy virtual gauges to backstop in-situ sensors that can fail

An irrigation ditch

Water supply management

Understand the seasonal water supply outlook for a basin to plan for allocation decisions

Restoration & conservation

Inform environmental flow policy decisions and restoration efforts by evaluating human impairments on flows

Why HydroForecast?

Ready to go: deployed in under 90 days and seamlessly integrated with existing solutions such as Delft-FEWS, HEC-RAS, RiverWare, PLEXOS, and Excel-based workflows.

Designed for change: incorporates dynamic land surface and climatological inputs that reflect our changing world and ensure reliable performance in extreme conditions.

Available everywhere: deploy at a specific point of interest, anywhere on Earth, even if there is not a physical gauge nearby.

Secure: engineered with industry-leading cybersecurity practices to ensure that sensitive data remains private and secure.

Probabilistic: provides the full distribution of outcome probabilities so users can anticipate periods of uncertainty and manage risk.

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