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Trusted by organizations across five continents

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Proven accuracy at unprecedented scale

Minimize risk with proven performance

HydroForecast swept a yearlong short-term flow forecasting competition hosted by the United States Bureau of Reclamation, CEATI, and hydropower utilities – and verified by RTI International.

In every competition region, HydroForecast was more accurate further into the future and provided better insight in both drought conditions and 1,000-year storms.

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A table displaying how HydroForecast performed in all CEATI regions and categories. With the exception of Flood Forecaster in US Mountain West and Straight Shooter in US Southeast, HydroForecast prevailed in the other 23 categories by region.
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"HydroForecast has proven to be an important datapoint for Brookfield Renewable's reservoir planning and management activities. It has led to a more proactive approach to the short- and mid-term planning, an improved probabilistic view of generation and enhanced trading and operational decision-making. HydroForecast has been a truly successful project for Brookfield Renewable."

A novel approach with science-guided AI

HydroForecast learns to represent hydrologic processes by identifying relationships between satellite observations, basin characteristics, meteorological forecasts, and streamflow measurements.

We believe that the best model is one grounded in physical scientific principles, and enhanced by finding deep connections in the relationships between data using machine learning models.

Our work is based on peer-reviewed research, and is the result of collaboration with leading universities and researchers.

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A basin map for the Folsom Lake drainage area, highlighting the sub-basin modeling units that HydroForecast uses in its neural network.
Basin map for the Folsom Lake drainage area, highlighting the sub-basin modeling units that HydroForecast uses in its neural network.
Get ahead of unpredictable weather and climate patterns

Horizons for every operation

HydroForecast is designed to adapt to different needs. As such, it can be thought of as six distinct products across five unique horizons:

  • Past: Historical Reanalysis
  • Present: Virtual Gauge
  • Up to 10 days out: Short-Term
  • Up to 1 year out: Seasonal, Extended
  • Up to 75 years out: Long-Term
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Historical Reanalysis

HydroForecast can construct a 20-year daily continuous streamflow record at any location in the world, partially gauged, or completely ungauged, and in both natural and altered watersheds.

Virtual gauge

Increase the density of a streamflow monitoring network by adding points where having up to date weather, snow and streamflow data is important for real-time decisions.


Hourly 10-day ahead forecast for operational decision making – the most accurate in North America.

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Daily updating, 90-day ahead forecasts for proactive water and risk management.

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Need streamflow and volume information out to one-year ahead? This horizon extends the 90-day seasonal to cover the full 12 months ahead.


Understand how water patterns could change for a specific area under different climate scenarios.

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"Using HydroForecast has provided extremely helpful insight into short-term and long-term/seasonal inflow predictions. The graphics effectively communicate forecasts in a manner which allows teams from various disciplines to easily interpret and utilize the information, [and] HydroForecast also allows for easy integration into other in-house tools."

Adaptable to your industry

Our extensible forecasts can help you manage a range of water-related use cases and industries.

Hydropower operations
Minimize spill and optimize reservoir operations with forecasts directly at your fleet’s assets.
Energy trading
Improve day-ahead and real-time market bidding decisions with hourly data on incoming flows.
Dam safety
Quantify the magnitude and timing of large events like floods earlier and more accurately; confidently identify low-flow periods for maintenance.
Emergency preparedness
Monitor for risk of extreme flows further in advance and deploy virtual gauges to backstop in-situ sensors that can fail.
Water supply management
Understand the seasonal water supply outlook for a basin to plan for allocation decisions.
Restoration and conservation
Inform environmental flow policy decisions and restoration efforts by evaluating human impairments on flows.