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Lens gives everyone in your organization eyes on the ground with aggregated satellite, aerial and environmental data and a powerful workflow for collaborative monitoring

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I anticipate that Lens will make our monitoring program more resilient to unforeseen circumstances, whether it's as minor as a volunteer who drops out due to a move or a global pandemic that upends the world as we know it.
Andrew Moe
Stewardship Program Manager
Minnesota Land Trust
We discovered a potential violation in a remote area of a large conservation easement property, which may not have been discovered on a ground visit. Overall, Upstream Tech has provided our staff outstanding customer service, responding quickly to any questions or needs. Lens is very user-friendly, and our monitoring staff picked it up easily with little training.
Stephanie Strickland
Conservation Easement Program Manager
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
When our monitors spend less time monitoring, they have more time available to work on other important conservation strategies and tasks. Our staff are our most valuable resource.
Ethan Inlander
Project Director - Stewardship and Restoration
The Nature Conservancy

Lens in action


We are proud to support conservation organizations, land trusts, state agencies, and restoration companies as they protect vital places and natural resources.

Read about how TNC California’s stewardship team saved 37% of staff time with Lens.

Organizations use Lens to…

A screenshot of Lens showing overlays and imagery


Overlay geospatial data with the latest remote imagery to streamline prospecting, project planning, and field visits.

A screenshot of Lens showing notes


Efficiently monitor properties and projects to analyze the landscape, identify changes, and collaboratively make notes with your team.

A screenshot of a report generated by Lens


Generate one-click monitoring reports that pull in notes, analyses and satellite imagery, designed to meet the requirements of industry standards.

A tool for the whole team

Monitor landscape conditions at scale with the Lens web app by inspecting satellite and aerial data. Gain deeper insights into when and where changes have occurred, reducing time spent on in-person monitoring and paperwork.


Get the latest imagery

Aerial and satellite imagery aggregated from dozens of sources is at your fingertips.

Bring context

Bring your own data, field notes and imagery to Lens.

Annotate with notes

Inspect satellite and aerial data and document your observations.


Manage your portfolio and collaborate with colleagues.

Analyze in one click

Analyze dynamic ecological conditions.

Generate beautiful reports

Generate reports for compliance and stakeholder engagement.

From zero to expert

Receive expert training and support.

Our sky team

We partner with these organizations to bring Lens users a broad range of data, making it easy to access the latest and best imagery of your property regardless of source.

Near Space Labs
Near Space Labs