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Lens saves time and money by aggregating satellite, aerial and environmental data into a powerful workflow for collaborative monitoring.

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Over 23 million acres monitored

When our monitors spend less time monitoring, they have more time available to work on other important conservation strategies and tasks. Our staff are our most valuable resource.
Ethan Inlander
Project Director - Stewardship and Restoration
The Nature Conservancy
Lens has made the monitoring program at Colorado Open Lands both more efficient and more comprehensive. It allows us to monitor properties economically while providing a perspective that we cannot get with on-the-ground site visits alone.
Joel Nystrom
Conservation Project Manager - San Luis Valley
Colorado Open Lands
I anticipate that Lens will make our monitoring program more resilient to unforeseen circumstances, whether it's as minor as a volunteer who drops out due to a move or a global pandemic that upends the world as we know it.
Andrew Moe
Stewardship Program Manager
Minnesota Land Trust

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The latest and best remote imagery and data keeps you up-to-date on landscapes of all sizes.

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Quickly understand changing ground conditions in real-time with automated alerts.

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Use our eyes in the sky to pinpoint where to spend time when visiting land in person.

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Access Lens online anywhere to share observations with your team and partners.

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