Use cases

Dam safety

Identify and quantify the magnitude of high risk events.

Extreme storms, drought, and shifting rain patterns are testing the resiliency of our water infrastructure and challenging forecast models built during a more stable period.

To those responsible for protecting people and infrastructure, HydroForecast’s accurate and timely forecasts enable safe water management by:

  • Providing ample lead time to release water for flood control 
  • Better predicting inflow events that exceed available storage and/or spillway discharge capacity
  • Interim risk reduction for managing at-risk facilities
  • Maintaining 24/7 compliance with regulations
  • Keeping downstream communities safe during large flow events
  • Tracking storms sooner so teams can evacuate construction personnel and protect equipment

Safety and hydropower

Perhaps the greatest risk that some hydropower operators face is flooding communities downstream. With adequate foresight, operators can avoid last minute releases, overtopping, and dam failure. Without strong forecasts, operators can either risk reacting to conditions in real-time or keep their reservoirs sub-optimally low to avoid this risk, decreasing their value for energy generation, water supply storage, and recreation. HydroForecast allows operators to spot and quantify incoming large events sooner.

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