Use cases

Energy trading

Optimize your bidding with better information about future flows.

Industry-leading forecasts give energy traders the ability to bid more confidently into real-time markets and hedge long term risk.

HydroForecast provides both short-term and seasonal forecasts:

  • The short-term forecasts enable stronger day-ahead market participation – shifting exposure away from the dramatic swings of real-time markets.
  • Looking months ahead, seasonal forecasts help traders compare future generation to future demand, and hedge appropriately.
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Higher earnings

Idaho National Labs recently conducted a peer-reviewed evaluation to quantify how much an improved inflow forecast could increase earnings.

The findings: 

  • HydroForecast increased revenue  significantly 
  • The optimization model sought to maximize day-ahead bidding, then bid the remaining power in real-time
  • The analysis was for a 18MW plant with under an hour of storage, so most of the revenue increase came from improving trading decisions

Read more about it in our featured post here.

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