Lens 2023 in Review

2023 was an exciting year for Lens! As we begin a new year, we're taking a moment to reflect on and celebrate the progress we made in 2023.

Jan 8, 2024
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Happy New Year! 2023 was an exciting year for Lens, thank you for being part of it with us. As we begin a new year, we're taking a moment to reflect on and celebrate the progress we made in 2023. Read on for a recap of the year, and to hear a bit about what's to come.

Let’s start with the numbers

It was a big year. The amount of acres in Lens being monitored by our customers grew fivefold from 29M acres to 160M!

There are now 1,223 Lens users across over 250 organizations around the world. You've all been busy, creating over 20,000 notes and ordering an impressive 3.8M acres of commercial imagery.

New layers and overlays

It’s hard to believe, but a year ago the Lens Library didn’t even exist. With it, you can now choose between over 45 datasets to customize your account for your monitoring needs.

We added 14 new datasets just last year, including Planet’s Forest Carbon Diligence package, S2 Burn Index, S2 Chlorophyll, Global Forest Loss, and more.

New tools and features

We love developing new features to support your monitoring. With last year's feature additions, you can now...

Update your own property boundaries


Create new properties from parcel data

Task custom imagery captures directly through Lens

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 2.09.12 PM

Analyze away

We revamped Analyze Area with “big mode”, category charts of modeled datasets, custom time ranges, overlay polygon selection, and more.  

Jan-05-2024 14-35-26

Showcase a place visually and interactively with Share Links


Even more imagery options

With the addition of Planet’s Skysat 0.5m satellite, you have even more commercial images to choose from. Across all 40,000 properties in Lens, over 98% of those had commercial imagery coverage in 2023.

Jan-05-2024 14-39-26

What’s next for 2024?

We've got some exciting things in store for reports, notes, and alerts coming your way soon. In two weeks, we have our annual in-person retreat where we brainstorm for what's ahead. And with our fundraise closed and new job positions posted, we’re excited to grow as a team and company. As always, follow along with our monthly feature releases to get the latest on new features and updates to Lens.

Thanks for a great year and cheers to the next,

Miles & the Lens Team