Expanding Access to Environmental Data with the Lens Library

Marshall Moutenot
Marshall Moutenot
3 Minute Read
Mar 15, 2023
With the launch of the Lens library, we're democratizing access to geospatial data and making it easy for you to customize your experience, tailored to your needs.

Inaccessible data is a celebrated pastime of the earth observation industry.

Too harsh? Hear me out! Typically, tapping into the wealth of imagery and analysis available requires either an advanced degree or an interaction with a sales team, often guarded by a “contact me for price” worded button. And yet, organizations now more than ever need answers to pressing environmental and climate questions.

That’s where we come in. At Upstream Tech, our goal is to expand access to environmental data through products that answer questions; in part, this means taking steps toward democratizing geospatial data. With Lens, we’ve already built an easy-to-use application that enables organizations of all sizes to leverage earth observation for remote monitoring and analysis. Users can access high resolution satellite and aerial imagery; earth observation analytics on forest conditions and land cover; vegetation and hydrology data from public sources; and databases like tax parcel data, building footprints, and flowlines.

Today, we take that a step further by launching the Lens Library. With the new library, we’re expanding our partner roster to provide premium layers, which will give one-click access to incredible data previously inaccessible to many. Okay, maybe two clicks. And of course, the Lens Library integrates right into the monitoring, analysis, and reporting features our customers love.

In the coming weeks, we will spotlight options in the Lens Library and share how organizations can incorporate them into their monitoring workflows. There will be exciting announcements so please stay tuned; we can’t wait to see how you use the Library!