New Feature

Abby Smith

Upload Custom Overlays


Adding custom overlays in Lens has never been easier with our new Overlay Uploader


Lens users interested in viewing custom overlays to support imagery interpretation and monitoring


Lens users can now upload geospatial files directly through Lens to add overlays, configure attributes displayed, and portfolios where overlays are visible by default

Key change

Overlays display vector data on top of the basemap and selected layer, and may be polygons, lines, or points. This data can provide helpful context when monitoring, such as areas where management activities are occurring, restricted use areas, photo points, trails, and more.

Up to now, adding custom overlays to your Lens account has required emailing our team. Now the power is in users’ hands to add custom overlays directly in Lens. We expect this feature will save users time and provide more configuration options than ever before. 

Head over to the Overlays Library page, and admin or member users will see a button to “Add Custom Overlay.” Add overlays from our library, manage your own custom overlays, and choose the portfolios where they will appear.

Simply upload your geospatial file, select an optional attribute to display on hover, and review the shapes to make sure everything looks correct. Once you confirm your upload, you’ll be taken back to the Overlay Library page, where you can see your new Custom Overlay under the Your Overlays section. From here, you can select which portfolios it should appear on by default.