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Abby Smith

Pléiades Neo 0.3 Imagery in Lens


New satellite constellation available to order in Lens


All Lens customers


More remote imagery options for customers to order in Lens

Key change

We’re proud to partner with Airbus to bring Lens customers access to high-quality satellite imagery and happy to announce an expansion in our Airbus offering: Pléiades Neo is Airbus’ newest satellite constellation, capturing imagery at 0.3m spatial resolution, with the first satellites launched in 2021. As new imagery is captured, it will appear in Lens for customers to order as needed. We’re always expanding the imagery options we provide to support efficient, cost-effective monitoring. Learn about the Pléiades Neo constellation here

Screenshot of Lens showing imagery order pane and an Airbus Pléiades Neo image captured 8/29/2022
Source: Copyright Airbus, Arches Park, Pléiades Neo, August 21, 2021