Introducing a digital MRV solution for forest carbon projects

Jul 06, 2022 by Eve Boyce-Ratliff
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Monitor and verify the impact of your forest carbon projects with Lens for Carbon, an innovative offering from Upstream Tech with industry-leading forest data from Salo Sciences.

Forests present one of the most cost-effective and scalable opportunities for sequestering carbon. Forest conservation, restoration, and improved management are accelerating as key strategies in addressing the climate crisis, and there’s more opportunity ahead. A recent study estimated the size of this opportunity at approximately 300 billion tons of untapped carbon storage potential from forests and soils, making improved stewardship of forests critically important for climate change mitigation. This article further quantifies what we already know - the potential impact of expanding land-based carbon capture globally through the restoration, improved management, and maintenance of forests is significant.

The success of forest carbon projects depends not just on their initial planning and execution, but also on the verification and ongoing monitoring of carbon stocks that ensures they're producing real climate benefits. It's vital that the technology for monitoring forest lands offers the right balance between scale and scientific rigor, so that project developers and funders can be confident that their impact will be additional and permanent.

Enter Lens for Carbon.

Lens for Carbon is a remote monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) solution that provides high-resolution, high-frequency quantitative forest data and transparent reporting in one digital platform. Project stakeholders can interact with high resolution satellite imagery and analytical data, and derive actionable insights from Salo Sciences’ industry-leading forest data, providing the critical information necessary to ensure that forest projects are meeting their goals in one easy-to-use, globally-scalable platform.

Already, Lens for Carbon is powering forest carbon programs for a major bank, a Fortune 100 company, and a leading reforestation provider, along with the 160+ organizations using Lens for remote land conservation monitoring. The data and insights generated by Lens for Carbon inform project planning and bring increased visibility and accountability to existing forest carbon projects. It offers transparency in a field where trust is key.

Lens for Carbon includes satellite-derived forest data from Salo Sciences including canopy cover, canopy height, and aboveground carbon stocks. Produced using Salo Sciences’ innovative ecological artificial intelligence models applied to multiple satellite data streams, the 3-meter resolution maps enable organizations to accurately quantify project-level carbon stock and forest change over time.

In addition to the remote sensing data available in Lens, Lens for Carbon includes Planet imagery to deliver an up-to-date understanding of the pace and scale of change happening on the ground. The unique combination of modeling from Salo Sciences and imagery from Planet makes Lens for Carbon a reliable and efficient option for remote sensing projects.

Start Monitoring Your Projects Remotely Today

Lens for Carbon sets a new standard in digital MRV. Whether you’ve been restoring forests for years or if you’re just starting to outline a forest carbon plan, Lens for Carbon will streamline your planning and monitoring efforts and help ensure that your investment is making a positive impact, all at just a fraction of the cost of traditional monitoring. To learn more about the platform and how it can help improve your workflows, contact our growth and partnerships team. Additional information can be found in our Lens for Carbon webinar recording.

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