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It’s never been easier to track reforestation and carbon efforts – all in one place. From Airbus, Maxar, and Nearmap to Planet’s Forest Carbon Diligence package, Lens has unmatched transparent pricing and the tools to analyze and contextualize the data. Visualize and analyze trends over time, receive alerts when forest loss events occur, and leverage expert analysis and reporting to help you scale with third-party validation of your findings, all and more with Lens.

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Monitoring, reporting, and verification using the latest remote sensing insights
"Having access to high resolution satellite imagery through the Lens platform enables our project managers to assess and monitor high quality planting projects globally and report on forest metrics to our partners and donors. They take on the hard work of remotely sensed data acquisition, processing and interpretation so we can focus on planting trees and supporting our partners."

Breece Robertson
Chief Impact Officer

Take your monitoring to the next level with high resolution canopy cover, canopy height, and aboveground carbon layers from Planet/Salo Sciences. Salo Sciences’ proprietary Forest Observatory modeling technology provides regularly-updated mapping of fundamental forest and vegetation attributes allowing high-resolution, precise estimates of forest metrics. Lens makes it easy to review and generate property-specific estimates of critical biomass and carbon measures.

Interested? Find out more on our Planet Forest Carbon page.

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