The latest with HydroForecast: October 2023

Oct 30, 2023
Table of contents

Feature Spotlight

Visualize the full contributing area for your forecast points

Our distributed short-term model breaks up large basins into smaller sub-basins to capture variance in basin characteristics and data inputs. This month we released an update to the dashboard map to display boundary outlines highlighting the contributing sub-basins that drain to each flow forecast point.

When the flow forecast point is selected, every sub-basin within its drainage area will be highlighted blue.

When a single sub-basin is selected, scroll down to view weather inputs and surface observations averaged across just the selected area.

Coming soon - average weather across the drainage area: next up we plan to display weather averaged over the drainage basin’s area for each flow forecast point. Stay tuned for updates!

What we've been working on

A deep dive into HydroForecast Seasonal

We’re continuously working on R&D to improve our seasonal modeling approach, which involves shipping updates to all operational models. Check out our latest insight that gives a deep dive into how the latest version of HydroForecast Seasonal works.

New content from the HydroForecast team

Apply science-guided AI to dam safety operations

In our latest blog post, we discuss how HydroForecast can help us make better informed decisions and assist with dam safety planning.

Water Power & Dam Construction Magazine interview

Our Head of Product Strategy, Laura Read, was interviewed by the Water Power & Dam Construction Magazine and shared details about the advantages of using a hybrid model and how it's well-suited to tackling questions around climate uncertainty. Check out the full article here.

Stay tuned for our upcoming video series “Decoding AI and hydrology for water management decisions”

In a new virtual series, we’ll break down how machine learning differs from conceptual models, how it applies to hydrology, and walk you through our theory-guided machine learning approach. Brush up on AI and neural networks in our recent article, and stay tuned for the premiere of the new series in November!

Conference Roundup

Clean Currents

The National Hydropower Association’s annual Clean Currents conference in Cincinnati, Ohio in October was energizing, as always. One of our favorite sessions was the Water Resources panel, which included a presentation from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Dan Broman on how improvements in forecasting translate into higher earnings for hydropower operators.

Dan shared findings from research he conducted that shows HydroForecast earning operators up to 2% more each year from optimizing trading, which is only one of many ways in which operators can harness better forecasts to increase revenue.

HYDRO 2023

The International Journal on Hydropower & Dams hosted their annual conference this month. The event took place in Edinburgh Scotland and included a presentation from our very own Devin Copenhaver, who spoke about how operators can improve revenue and safety with advanced inflow forecasting. 1100 people attended from over 70 countries, making HYDRO 2023 a truly global gathering for the industry at large.