The Latest with HydroForecast in February

Introducing Spatial Visualizations of Forecast Inputs & Other Exciting Feature Updates

Alexandra Nicolopoulos
Alexandra Nicolopoulos
2 Minutes
Feb 22, 2023
Catch up on the latest updates to HydroForecast in February.

What's new with HydroForecast in February

Spatial visualizations of forecast inputs

Ever curious how weather varies across your basin? The HydroForecast web dashboard now includes visualizations of forecast inputs, allowing users to better understand the spatial distribution of temperature and precipitation. Switch from "Single-site timeseries" to the "Spatial" view at the top of the dashboard to visualize total cumulative rainfall per day and average temperature per day across your basin.

View cumulative flow and precipitation forecasts

It's often helpful to know the total amount of rain forecasted to fall over a long period of time and how it will contribute to reservoir inflow. To allow for this, we have added the capability for users to view cumulative flow and precipitation forecasts. To use this feature, use the dropdown on the top right of HydroForecast Short-term flow forecasts and Short-term weather inputs. Read more about this feature in our support documentation.

Updates to forecast controls

The volume and time aggregation drop-downs are now located on the top right of both flow forecasts and weather forecasts.

Coming soon: new blended seasonal forecasts

The default HydroForecast Seasonal forecast will soon be a blend of short-term and seasonal flow forecasts. We will be rolling out an update to all HydroForecast Seasonal customers to pull an average of short-term flow forecasts for the first 10 days of seasonal forecasts. We expect that this will improve seasonal forecast accuracy over the first 10-day time-step. Stay tuned for more information on this update.

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