New Feature

The Lens Team

Draw Any Property in Lens!


A new way to add properties in Lens by drawing areas on a map


Anyone interested in remote monitoring who may not have easy access to geospatial files or GIS software


Geospatial files are no longer required to get set up with Lens

Key change

Once upon a time…

In order to add a property, you needed to upload a shapefile .zip, .kml, .kmz, or .geojson file. If these look like alphabet soup, you’re not alone. At some environmental organizations with GIS teams or staff, these file formats are fairly standard. However, this was a barrier to entry for some environmental organizations with smaller staff, or teams with limited bandwidth.

Well, we’re changing that. With the new Draw a Property feature, Lens is now more accessible than ever.

Say you wanted to draw a property like the Grand Canyon...

You no longer need to have their own geospatial file to get started with Lens. There’s now a new option to start drawing the boundaries of your area of interest.

This means that anyone can go into Lens, add properties, and get monitoring from day one. That’s it. That’s the update.