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Mar 24, 2023 by Alexis Clemons
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Our latest guidebook describes how remote sensing can help you manage and report on changing landscapes easily and efficiently.

We all know the saying: the only constant in life is change. That saying remains true when monitoring the environment: from forests to wetlands and everything in between, landscapes are constantly in flux.

Understanding the extent and cause of these changes is critical for efficient and effective management, but it’s not always possible for teams to get out and visit a site after a change has occurred. In fact, some changes might not even be noted until much later if site visits only occur once or twice per year.

This is where remote sensing technology comes in. Our latest guidebook will walk you through how adding new earth observation resources to your toolkit can help your organization track change and drive greater accountability, efficiency gains, cost savings, and improved environmental outcomes.

This guidebook includes examples of how high resolution satellite imagery can be used to report on slash-and-burn deforestation, identify prospective wetland restoration project sites, track reforestation efforts, and more. We'll walk through a few in-app examples that show how various Lens features help teams with remote monitoring of the environment.

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