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Taking Environmental Monitoring to New Heights with a Digital Service for the Planet

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As climate change increases the severity and frequency of wildfires, floods, and other natural disasters, so too rise the costs of managing our natural landscapes to be resilient to such impacts. This poses a particular challenge to the U.S. government, whose federal agencies manage hundreds of millions of acres.

Along with our partners at the Center for Geospatial Solutions, we talked with the Environmental Policy Innovation Center about the importance of easy-to-use geospatial tools, which give government staff a landscape-level view of the natural resources they manage without requiring extensive technical training or expertise.

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We’ve had great experiences working with federal and state agencies to pilot their use of remote monitoring with Lens, with a shared goal of learning how the adoption of new technologies can scale up conservation work. Building on this experience, we're thrilled to add our voice to the Environmental Policy Innovation Center's coalition of over 40 environmentally-focused businesses and NGOs calling on President Biden to support the creation of a Digital Service for the Planet.

A Digital Service for the Planet would create the institutional capacity for environmental agencies to regularly utilize affordable geospatial technologies to meet environmental management goals. Through this coalition, we hope to continue raising awareness of existing and accessible environmental technologies that align well with the needs of government agencies.

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Organizations who have signed on in support of a Digital Service for the Planet.

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