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Harnessing remote data to track planting initiatives

Reforestation initiatives are pivotal for restoring ecosystems and mitigating climate change impacts. With Lens, users gain access to a vast range of datasets, empowering them to quickly conduct project diligence, monitor tree survival and growth, and assess various forest metrics such as canopy cover, height, and biomass carbon. Additionally, Lens features tools to support reporting and storytelling, fostering trust and driving impactful outcomes in reforestation efforts.

Use Lens for ...

  • Conducting project diligence and site suitability assessments
  • Monitoring project progress, from survivability to long-term growth
  • Reporting on project progress and impact
  • Detecting changes such as dieback (from pathogens or climate factors), wildfires, or land use conversion
  • Enhancing transparency with new ways to engage stakeholders
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