Nationwide parcel data in Lens

Lens users can now view parcel boundaries and details across the US

We’re excited to partner with Regrid to provide land parcel data as a layer in Lens. Regrid is an industry-leading property data and location intelligence company that provides land parcel spatial data and property details. 

Searching for parcel information has long been a time-consuming process which involved navigating county records and non-standardized data formats. Our new integration with Regrid streamlines this process, allowing users to access parcel data records within Lens in a standard format across the United States. Coupled with existing imagery, analysis, and reporting workflow features, Lens users can quickly understand the current landscape and make more informed decisions in project planning or monitoring.

For land acquisition or project development, this means being able to rapidly view parcel boundaries and ownership details when exploring possible transactions. For stewards of existing conservation areas or projects, this can mean knowing when ownership of an easement changes hands, verifying easement boundary lines, and accessing up-to-date information on abutting parcels. 

With clear parcel boundaries and details available in an accessible, standardized way, Lens users can spend more time doing impactful environmental work. We’re thrilled to bring this high-quality source of information into Lens for organizations in Plus and Enterprise subscription plans




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