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New Lens Tasking Estimator Tool

Lens Support
Lens Support
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Mar 13, 2023
Removes the back-and-forth of tasking coordination so you can see how different properties and imagery vendors impact costs directly in Lens

Through Lens, it’s easy to order low-cost archive imagery from several data vendors. However, the timing of imagery is unpredictable, which can be difficult if you need guaranteed imagery. This is where tasking can help.

Tasking is directing a satellite or aerial provider to capture imagery at a designated time and place. It can be an ideal option if you need to ensure that imagery is captured for your property at a certain spatial resolution within a tight timeline. Tasking is available to customers on our Plus and Enterprise plans, and this tool makes it easier than ever before to understand pricing and plan your budget accordingly.

We’re happy to announce the launch of a new Tasking Estimator Tool to make tasking planning easier and more transparent than ever before. Simply select the properties you’d like to task in the Portfolio Overview page, click the three dots on the right and choose “Estimate Tasking.”

Behind-the-scenes, we're using something called a minimum spanning tree algorithm, which is a fancy formula for creating an optimal polygon shape based on your selected properties and the requirements for each tasking vendor. And optimal tasking areas mean cost savings for you.

The Tasking Estimator Tool allows you to quickly compare costs to task your properties with different imagery providers. Once you’re ready to move forward, submit your request for an official quote and we’ll be in touch within a few days.