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The Lens Team

Introducing: Parcel Owner Alerts


Parcel Owner Alerts notify you of any ownership changes on a tax parcel that overlaps a property in Lens on a quarterly basis


Anyone stewarding land that they don’t directly own, including land trusts monitoring easements, restoration firms overseeing projects, state agencies managing programs, and more.


Supports rigorous, timely monitoring and proactive landowner engagement.

Key change

Lens is a powerful visualization tool for deciphering whether parcels have changed hands within the boundaries of your property.

Once upon a time, checking for changes in parcel ownership required intensive, time-consuming reviews of county tax assessor databases or visiting land in person and asking ‘hey, is this yours?’

We’re happy to announce that this is no longer the case. 

With the help of Regrid, customers can now receive quarterly updates if ownership has changed on any tax parcel that overlaps with their enrolled property, allowing for easy monitoring of changes in owner status. This is incredibly important for anyone who manages a property where landowner engagement is a critical part of monitoring. 

Parcel Owner Alerts can be toggled right underneath Vegetation Alerts. Please note: these Alerts are currently only available in the US. 

Owner Alerts offers Lens Plus and Enterprise organizations peace of mind with the knowledge that they can swiftly verify and respond to parcel ownership changes on relevant properties, moving conservation work forward without a hitch. Should ownership change on any parcel that overlaps an enrolled property, we’ll create an alert that includes details such as the parcel number, previous and current owner, and the sale date, if available. You will also receive an email so you can take action as soon as possible.

What was once a manual and tedious process is now facilitated with a switch on Lens.

If you’re interested in seeing Parcel Owner Alerts in action, join our upcoming webinar and Q&A session. To learn more about how Lens supports land conservation and natural resource management, please reach out to