Alexis Clemons

HydroForecast Wins 2022 Outstanding Stewards of America’s Waters Award

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We are thrilled to announce that Upstream Tech received the 2022 Outstanding Stewards of America’s Waters (OSAW) Award in the category of Operational Excellence for our work with HydroForecast.

The category of Operational Excellence recognizes waterpower projects that add value to the industry through technical contributions, innovation, engineering, or technology breakthroughs for new hydropower or marine energy technologies. The awards are hosted each year by the National Hydropower Association (NHA), a nonprofit trade association dedicated to promoting the growth of clean, affordable US waterpower in all of its forms.

LeRoy Coleman, Director of Communications at NHA was quoted in the organization’s official press release: “With the effects of climate change already being seen across the globe and as hydropower operators face changes in water flows in the U.S, Upstream Tech’s HydroForecast program offers promising guidance on how we manage our water here in North America. Upstream Tech’s theory-guided machine learning approach in creating HydroForecast is a testament to innovative thinking to solve complicated problems and responsibly generate clean electricity for millions of Americans.”

We appreciate the recognition from the NHA and we look forward to continuing our work providing decision makers accurate insight into the past, present and future of water. Learn more about how HydroForecast helps hydropower operators optimize generation, minimize spilling, and improve confidence in managing flows within the bounds of the ecosystem they’re operating in by getting in touch with our team today