Upstream Tech's 2024 Retreat: Celebrating our remote-first team, together

Jan 31, 2024
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We’re a fully remote company and we celebrate the benefits of that. Our remote structure fosters diverse work environments, reduced stress and environmental impact from commuting, and flexible hours so teammates can have full lives outside of work. It also allows us to recruit a diverse group of talented folks from all over. All this to say, we’re proud to be a remote company…

… but it also makes us all the more appreciative when we get to be together in person. 

This year, our team held our annual retreat in the birthplace of Upstream Tech: Somerville, Massachusetts. We spent a week reconnecting face-to-face and meeting new teammates in-person for the first time. The retreat provided the chance to do some brainstorming and big-picture thinking and the HydroForecast and Lens teams spent time strategizing and ideating, but most importantly the entire team had the chance to have some fun together. 

Here are a few highlights from our photo stream:

Climbing and hanging out (literally) at the Bouldering Project

The ultimate scavenger hunt around Somerville and Cambridge 

Team Funky Satellites: Winners of Scavenger Hunt Bingo (featuring Alexis, Laura, Jake and Phil)
Team Saboteur (featuring Eva, Mostafa, Clay, Daniel, Maya and Sam)
Team Falssils (featuring Dan, Lauren, Anthony, Eve, Aakriti and Jason)
Team #1 (featuring Kate, Katie, Simon, Abby and Alden)
Team #2 (featuring Carolyn, Margo, t, Alex and Miles)

Delicious dumpling-making class at Mei Mei Dumplings 

Thank you to the team at Mei Mei Dumplings for hosting an amazing class!

A scenic, snowy hike at Ward Reservation with our friends and partners at Trustees of Reservations 

Returning to Greentown Labs and enjoying the space (and the Bevi). 

Read more about our relationship with Greentown Labs here.

Gathering new reading material in the annual Upstream book swap

Enjoying games, good food, and catching up 

Holding this retreat in Upstream’s founding location offered the perfect opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come since 2016. A lot has changed as we’ve grown, but we also recognize the constants: our guiding principles of trust, transparency, and building products with positive impact, and recruiting folks who share a passion for accelerating the pace, scale, and impact of environmental work around the globe.

As we continue to grow, we look forward to building a strong virtual community that celebrates our shared passions and appreciating the moments we spend together at our annual retreats. If you’re curious about how we work remotely, reach out! We’re always happy to share what we’ve learned as we’ve built the team and workplace culture over the past eight years. And if this sounds fun to you, come join the team! We're currently hiring for multiple positions, check out our openings here.