The latest with HydroForecast: June 2023

Learn what's happening with HydroForecast this month, including the latest product updates!

Jun 2, 2023
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Feature Spotlight

Threshold-based alerts & dashboard update

With our newest feature, threshold notifications, users can set custom thresholds on any forecast and you will receive automated alerts if your forecast is expected to fall below or exceed the set value. This is a great way to stay informed about any upcoming flow levels that might denote risk or action for your team, similar to how these thresholds were visually indicated in the "Key Forecasts" section. Because users can set their own thresholds, we removed "Key Forecasts" from the dashboard.
Have any feedback on this update or on threshold notifications? Don’t hesitate to reach out at team@hydroforecast.com.

View cumulative seasonal forecasts

Want to quickly understand the total volume of water predicted to flow into your reservoirs over the coming months? You can now view seasonal forecasts in a “cumulative” view by using the drop-down on the top right of your flow forecasts.

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What we've been working on

New product alert: HydroForecast Long-term

We have HydroForecast Short-term to assist with your near term operational decisions and HydroForecast Seasonal is here for your seasonal water allocation planning needs. With our ever-evolving climate having an increasingly big impact on water availability, we have recognized a need for even longer term planning over multi decadal horizons.
Our newest product, HydroForecast Long-term, utilizes our core framework to predict hydrologic scenarios out to 2100. To learn more about HydroForecast Long-term, check out the webinar recording hosted by our Head of Product Strategy, Laura Read, or check out our writing piece on it.

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Our latest R&D in distributed modeling

One of our engineers, Mostafa Elkurdy, presented at the 2023 HydroML symposium on our latest R&D in distributed modeling. Check out his poster here to learn more about this approach. Over the coming months we'll be migrating all our HydroForecast Short-term models to our new distributed model.

Blog posts

Using HydroForecast & Lens to better understand our unpredictable climate

It’s no surprise that climate change is bringing more and more extreme weather. We saw this play out this year during California’s record-breaking snow year, where snowpack levels contributed to flooding and structural damage across the state. We take a close look at how HydroForecast and Lens, Upstream Tech’s land monitoring software, can assist with planning efforts during non-average weather years like the one California just experienced.

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Prepare for Europe's drought with the best in forecasting

Over 25% of Europe was under drought duress as early as April this year. It’s evident that weather is deviating farther and farther from what we call “normal”. As we brace for a very dry summer across the continent, learn about how HydroForecast is crucial to Europe’s drought solutions and how it can help us prepare for climate uncertainty.

Upstream's Hackweek

A couple times a year we hold what we call “Hackweek”, where members of our team put down our regular day-to-day work and we embark on a creative project that excites us. We had some really fun new ideas, features, and content come out of our most recent Hackweek for both HydroForecast and Lens. Check out our Hackweek roundup to see what we came up with!


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