New Feature

Abby Smith

Overlay Library in Lens


A library of overlays that can be added to Lens portfolios


Any Lens users interested in viewing overlays on imagery and data layers


Provides contextual information to support monitoring and interpretation of remote data

Key change

Since its origin, our goal with Lens has been to make data easy to access from a range of sources. We’re now giving users a repository of overlays, or vector data that can be displayed on top of imagery on the map. From our new Overlays Library settings page, you can select overlays to add to your portfolios at the top, and refine exactly which portfolios should have these on by default. 

We currently have data on flowlines from the USGS National Hydrography Dataset, tax parcel data from Regrid, and building footprints from Microsoft’s AI model. The overlays here will continue to grow, and we’d love to know if you have ideas about what to add next.

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