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"HydroForecast has proven to be an important datapoint for Brookfield Renewable's reservoir planning and management activities. It has led to a more proactive approach to the short- and mid-term planning, an improved probabilistic view of generation and enhanced trading and operational decision-making. HydroForecast has been a truly successful project for Brookfield Renewable."

Accurate forecasts can mean the difference between safely drawing down water levels ahead of a storm and flooding, holding valuable water or spilling, and complying with regulations or risking legal exposure.

With HydroForecast Short-term, you can:

  • Optimize reservoir operations and minimize spilled water
  • Earn 3 - 6.4% more each year from energy marketing*
  • Reduce flood risk to people, facilities, and downstream communities
  • Maintain regulatory compliance & improve stakeholder relationships 
  • Quantify future earnings more confidently
  • Conduct maintenance safely and with minimal disruption
  • Redirect time from wrangling data to making data-informed decisions

*Idaho National Laboratory, 2022

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HydroForecast Short-term is built specifically for a changing climate, and provides the best-available information about water flows into your dams, reservoirs, and water infrastructure for the coming days.

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