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"Using HydroForecast has provided extremely helpful insight into short-term and long-term/seasonal inflow predictions. The graphics effectively communicate forecasts in a manner which allows teams from various disciplines to easily interpret and utilize the information, [and] HydroForecast also allows for easy integration into other in-house tools."

Improved seasonal forecasts can help water resource teams manage their valuable and increasingly volatile water supplies further ahead in the future.

  • Optimize seasonal reservoir drawdown and refill decisions
  • Improve long-term hedging or water purchase decisions
  • Forecast quarterly and annual revenue
  • Schedule maintenance during low-flow periods
  • Ensure compliance with flow-driven regulations
  • Redirect time from wrangling data to making data-informed decisions

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HydroForecast Seasonal’s “Similarity Analog” approach brings the latest in theory-guided machine learning to tested seasonal forecasting approaches.

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