HydroForecast In Action

case study

Spring Freshet

Takeaway: Even in years where the spring freshet is significantly higher or happens at a different time than it historically has, HydroForecast can predict pulses of inflow quite accurately. 

Forecasted flows 24 hours ahead (in cubic feet per second)

Event Description: The active period in the Taylor River near Taylor Park, Colorado is the snowmelt-driven pulse in the spring. This sets flow expectations into the reservoir and beyond through the basin for the remainder of the year. 

The 2019 spring melt peak was much higher and occurred later than the long-term median. HydroForecast picked up, even 72 hours ahead, on the distinct double peak that occurred as temperatures oscillated around freezing and precipitation mixed between snow and rain.

Forecasted flows 72 hours ahead (in cubic feet per second)