Using machine learning to spot landscape change with Lens Vegetation Alerts

Feb 1, 2022 1:00 PM
Feb 1, 2022
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Easy access to remote sensing imagery and data makes it efficient to consistently monitor large and remote landscapes. Yet it can still be challenging to quickly understand when and where major changes such as wildfires or unexpected tree clearing occur.

Upstream Tech’s Vegetation Alerts, a new feature in our Lens remote monitoring application, helps you catch what you’ve been missing. Watch to learn more about the powerful insights that Vegetation Alerts offers and how to enroll in this feature.

Vegetation Alerts is designed to support Lens users who are remotely monitoring large areas or portfolios of properties. By applying machine learning to automatically review past and present remotely-sensed vegetation data, this feature highlights areas where a significant decrease in vegetation vigor has occurred compared to the same period in prior years. Vegetation Alerts will then automatically notify Lens users of the location of the change, enabling them to quickly review it. Vegetation Alerts offers Lens users peace of mind with the knowledge that they can swiftly respond to unexpected events on the landscape.