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Critical visibility and timely reporting on deforestation

Deforestation monitoring is crucial for a range of environmental organizations from carbon offset developers to nature-based investors to government agencies dedicated to combating climate change. Lens offers a comprehensive suite of monitoring and reporting tools, harnessing high-resolution and high-frequency satellite data to track deforestation events. With Lens, organizations gain critical visibility into when and where deforestation occurs with alerts, enabling swift responses to protect valuable forestland. Access to a wide range of datasets, from forest loss to vegetation vigor to biomass carbon, combined with tools to evaluate and report on changes over time, makes Lens instrumental in enhancing transparency and efficiency in forest management efforts.

Use Lens for ...

  • Conducting project diligence and reviewing past forest loss events
  • Detecting changes such as forest degradation or harvest events
  • Monitoring and reporting on project progress and impact
  • Enhancing transparency with new ways to engage stakeholders
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