PlanetScope Basemaps in Lens

Upstream Tech and Planet are offering an exclusive bundle to access global monthly PlanetScope Basemaps in Lens, an easy-to-use platform for analysis, monitoring and reporting – all at a straightforward price point.

Access the exclusive bundle

  • Gain easy access to monthly visual basemaps across all your properties in Lens going back to 2020
  • Automatically receive new imagery every month
  • Minimize cloud interference while retaining the value of recent, frequent imagery
  • Capture high-frequency insights to identify changes and track progress
  • Easily generate attractive reports in Lens for documentation, compliance reporting, and storytelling
Good news! Non-profits receive a 50% discount on the Planet Basemaps subscription. Contact us for a discount code.
All the data you need in one place


Easy remote monitoring and reporting, no geospatial expertise required.

Upstream Tech’s Lens provides easy access to remote sensing data and the tools you need for monitoring to help you quickly turn data into decisions.

From conservation to restoration to land management, Lens is used by hundreds of organizations today to drive greater accountability, efficiency, and ambitious environmental outcomes.

Access imagery and data from a range of sources, compare different time periods to see change, analyze data trends, receive alerts for vegetation loss events, and create polished reports to share with stakeholders.

With the addition of global, monthly mosaics from Planet, exploring and monitoring your properties from anywhere in the world has never been easier.

PlanetScope Basemaps

Monthly global insight to understanding a changing world.

PlanetScope Basemaps are built from the most recent satellite imagery from around the world, ready to be instantly applied to your portfolios in Lens. Adding 4-meter Planet monthly basemaps to Lens makes it possible to efficiently monitor and report on changes anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

PlanetScope visual basemaps are time series mosaic products created from all scene captures within the month, optimized for consistency and minimal cloud cover. This is a premium layer that is billed monthly or annually, and customers who enroll will automatically receive new imagery for all properties in their account every month. PlanetScope mosaics are ideal for organizations with large holdings who are interested in high-frequency insights to identify landscape changes.

Initial rollout of the Planet x Lens bundle will be available to customers located in the Americas. Located outside of this geography? Get in touch.
A satellite photograph of Chiribiquete National Park in the Colombian Amazon.
Chiribiquete National Park Deforestation
Colombia on March 2, 2021. Source: PlanetScope. © Planet Labs.
A satellite photograph of the Folsom Lake reservoir in California.
Folsom Lake Rebounds
Folsom, California on October 27, 2021. Source: PlanetScope. © Planet Labs.
A satellite photograph of the Milne Ice Shelf collapsing in Ellesmere Island, Canada.
Milne Ice Shelf Collapse
Ellesmere Island, Canada on July 30, 2020. Source: PlanetScope. © Planet Labs.


$2,779 / month

Billed monthly

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Bundle breakdown:

$1,999 / month for PlanetScope Basemaps subscription

$780 / month for Lens subscription

$2,779 / month total


$2,267 / month

$27,199 billed annually – saves $6,149

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Bundle breakdown:

$19,999 / year for PlanetScope Basemaps subscription

$7,200 / year for Lens subscription

$27,199 / year total

Whether you choose monthly or annual billing, you'll enjoy:

  • Monthly PlanetScope Basemaps back to 2020, and delivered every month
  • Automated alerts
  • Tailored set-up and training
  • Priority support
  • Up to 15 user seats