Use cases

Reservoir management

Understand the seasonal water supply outlook for a basin; monitor high flow events up to 10 days out.

Accurate forecasts have implications for water supply, infrastructure safety, and regulatory requirements that protect communities and watersheds. 

HydroForecast enables operators to accurately predict inflows to critical  water supply reservoirs and river systems. This allows operators to:

  • Ensure a reliable supply of water for communities and ecosystems
  • Balance the needs of municipal uses, agriculture, and energy production
  • Price and plan for wholesale distribution
  • Inform seasonal drawdowns – timing and levels
  • Predict the timing and impact of droughts and floods 
  • Activate water use restrictions during times of drought
  • Schedule construction and maintenance work during periods of low flow

HydroForecast Seasonal

Forecast accurately further into the future to improve confidence in winter drawdown and spring refill. HydroForecast Seasonal showed clear skill over using the long-term average out to 90-days, with a reduction in bias up to ~55% at 90 days. This is a significant value-add for planning ahead for fall and spring snowmelt, especially in a time when these patterns are shifting and flood risk is high. Tune into the webinar here to learn more.

Trusted by leading utilities

HydroForecast is leveraged by dozens of leading hydropower producers, water utilities, government agencies, and conservation organizations across the globe. The company is backed by leading investors, including the Bill Gates-led Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

Partners include:

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