Use cases

Capital investment

De-risk major investment decisions by modeling future flows and climate scenarios that could impact key assets.

Asset managers need information about future water availability on multi-decadal time horizons. 

Climate change makes long-term planning even more challenging, adding significant risk in using historical data to plan for the future. Most existing hydrologic models are not well suited to integrate dynamic basin and climatic change because of underlying assumptions about the relationship between inputs (temperature, rainfall) and output (streamflow).

In contrast, HydroForecast learns underlying hydrologic relationships by studying a diverse set of basins, enabling accurate predictions even as conditions change. Coupled with best-in-class climate models, HydroForecast has the capability to predict hydrologic scenarios out to 2100. 

Evaluating how future flows may change infrastructure needs, locations, and resource potential allows asset managers to: 

  • Minimize uncertainty of future losses 
  • Consider climate risk in development and acquisition decisions
  • Increase standards of transparency and management
  • Reduce the likelihood of damages by adapting to future conditions
  • Get ahead of future regulatory hurdles in dam design and flow management
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