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A headshot of M. Estrada.

M. Estrada

Creative Producer

M is the Creative Producer at Upstream Tech, operating across both Lens and HydroForecast. They are responsible for our brand identity, design and direction; our narrative and storytelling strategy; and production of our marketing materials, everything from publication and web design to in-house photography.

Previously, they were the creative director and founder of an independent creative studio for 5 years, creating campaigns around environmental and social justice, partnering with NGOs, brands, grassroots coalitions, and foundations. 

Their creative work has been published throughout the outdoor industry, internationally, and they've spoken on panels at conferences and festivals across the US. Prior to this, they worked as an outdoor environmental educator and originally began their jaunt into the field through habitat restoration in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. M holds a BA in Linguistics from UCLA and currently lives in Brooklyn – by way of Oakland. Outside of work, they can typically be found obsessing over one of their many lifelong interests like bikes, zines, sci-fi, or daydreaming outside.