Level up in Lens with How-Tos

Apr 07, 2023 by Miles van Blarcum
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We're happy to introduce the How-To series, a collection of playbooks designed to help you combine the powerful features in Lens to achieve your goals.

Between our extensive Knowledge Base and live customer support, finding the specific answers you need while using Lens is easy. But we’re committed to also helping you with the big-picture questions, like, “How can I get more value out of Lens?”

That brings us to our new How-To series, which are pieces that connect the dots between your goals and how Lens can help. These How-Tos are guides to get your team up and monitoring as efficiently as possible, weaving together the details you may find in separate support docs.

I’m happy to release our first How-To: Monitor Conservation Easements in Lens. This resource is handy for new Lens users and pros alike and can serve as onboarding for temporary summer staff, too.

Curious to dive deeper?

Check out the accompanying webinar to join me as I monitor a couple of properties and share tips and tricks for easement monitoring that I picked up during my years as an easement steward – and a Lens customer.

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These How-Tos are evergreen and will be kept up-to-date with new ideas. Additional details you would find helpful? Requests for a next topic? Please reach out to me at I’d love to hear from you!