Fall at Upstream Tech

Team retreat and updates

Fall updates and changes at Upstream Tech.

Oct 28, 2022
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Tis fall, y’all! 🍂 The leaves are changing, the temperature begins its seasonal sway, and we here at Upstream have a few gentle transitions of our own, as well. 

Earlier this month, our team went just south of San Francisco for our annual team gathering. As you may know, our team is fully remote; this means that the retreat was, for many of us, our first opportunity to either meet in person or re-connect face to face. We went to the beach, chatted around cozy campfires, played games and frisbee, went on a few hikes, and even met up with some of you at our happy hour!

Top left: discussion on the importance of iteration. Top right: a lovely tree outside of our retreat center. Bottom left: Abby preps some materials in the early AM. Bottom right: T catches a frisbee at speed.

Importantly, the retreat also provided the chance to do the kind of brainstorming and nitty-gritty planning that’s best done in person. HydroForecast and Lens broke out into their respective teams for strategizing and ideating. Meanwhile smaller, dedicated teams also connected to get into the weeds of upcoming schemes 👻

The retreat also gave us the chance to do some team portraits which… brings us to our next – no-big-deal – update: we’ve got a batch of website updates!

One row of our new team portraits!

The first little bits, at least. We’re big believers in iteration, so you’ll see these updates begin to roll out slowly and intentionally. Here’s a little bit on what the first batch entails.

If you take a look around, you’ll see that we have a new About page and, importantly, Lens and HydroForecast now have their own respective navigations and blog pages, called Explore. (Lens also rolled out its own, brand new logo but we’ll have more on that later!)

Though there’s a few more design changes out there, these updates are all a part of our ongoing effort to make both Lens and HydroForecast as accessible, clear, and responsive to you all as possible.

The Explore pages will now function as our central hubs for each product’s respective content, from educational resources and feature updates to announcements on what’s happening with each product and Upstream. Additionally, our Webinars page has a new Upcoming section. Links to upcoming events and webinars will also be featured on our Explore pages in addition to past ones, so check back frequently for updates.

Left: Hanging with the TNC CA folks Ethan and Katie. Right: the full team and guests at happy hour.

We’re super excited for the sways and movements that the season brings, and we hope you all have a lovely and gentle autumn. 

As always, please feel free to reach out at for any questions or concerns.

🍁 Upstream

(Yes, we're aware this is very 'Class of 2022')

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