Lens for Restoration & Mitigation Banking

Track restoration progress over time

Remotely plan and assess the impact of restoration actions over time

  • Order remote data from a range of sources, pay only for what you need
  • Inspect and annotate imagery and data layers to track restoration progress
  • Analyze changes in vegetation and water over seasons and years
  • Complement field data collection on hard-to-reach sites
  • Conduct cost-effective long-term monitoring and reporting

All the data you need in one place:

Two little hexes from the Lens logo placed diagonally across from one another, serving as a bullet point for each question.
  • Past and present remote imagery
  • Frequent data on vegetation, moisture, and water
  • 3D views to understand topography and low-lying areas
  • USGS hydrological flowlines
  • Tax parcel data and owner change alerts
  • And more

Salo Sciences’ proprietary Forest Observatory modeling technology provides regularly-updated mapping of fundamental forest and vegetation attributes at individual-tree scale allowing high-resolution, precise estimates and monitoring of above ground biomass, carbon, and tree counts.

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