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Agriculture & ranchlands

Monitor your grazing land easily and efficiently

Powering real-world impact
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Your workflows…

  • Order remote data from satellite and aerial sources
  • Monitor for changes in grazing conditions
  • Streamline your work and create clear and concise reports for your records
  • Visualize vegetation and water trends for disturbance and overgrazing recovery
  • Receive automated alerts on changes in vegetation in near-real time
  • Leverage our expert monitoring and analysis services to outsource your rangelands monitoring

…all in Lens

  • Past and present remote imagery
  • Frequent data to track grazing intensity, changes in pond extents, and more 
  • Tax parcel data and owner change alerts
  • Landcover classification to distinguish grassland, shrubland, barren areas, and more
  • Upload custom overlays to view right-of-ways, easement areas, NRCS buffers, and more

The right tools and features

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Analyze your land and report what you find. See Lens in action with these quick, selected case studies.

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