Lens for Forestry

Track changes in forest conditions in near-real time

  • Monitor forest conditions with up-to-date remote imagery and data 
  • Receive automated alerts on changes in vegetation in near-real time
  • Track harvests, regrowth, pest outbreaks, and forest health with high frequency vegetation data
  • Access Salo Sciences’ AI-derived forest data layers to gain insight into forest conditions and wildfire risk
  • Efficiently conduct monitoring, reporting, and verification for forest carbon projects

Powering real-world impact

Lens is a web-based application enabling easy and efficient remote monitoring of conservation, reforestation, and restoration projects. Lens saves time and money by aggregating satellite, aerial, and environmental data into a powerful workflow for collaborative monitoring.

Salo Sciences’ proprietary Forest Observatory modeling technology provides regularly-updated mapping of fundamental forest and vegetation attributes at individual-tree scale allowing high-resolution, precise estimates and monitoring of above ground biomass, carbon, and tree counts.