Lens for Forestry

Use Case

Monitor changes in forest conditions over time

Remote data and derived layers to protect forests and mitigate risks

  • Order remote data from a range of sources, pay only for what you need
  • Track harvests, regrowth, pest outbreaks, and forest health
  • Receive automated alerts on changes in vegetation in near-real time
  • Interpret what you’re seeing with industry-leading forest and wildfire data
  • Share clear and concise monitoring reports with stakeholders
  • Delve into the details in our blog post: "Remotely Tracking Forest Conditions with Lens"

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all the data you need in one place

  • Industry-leading modeling on forest conditions and fire risks
  • Order remote data from a range of sources, pay only for what you need
  • Frequent data on vegetation trends over time
  • Cloud-free mosaics available for tropical areas
  • Landcover classification, tax parcel data, and more

Planet Basemaps leverage cutting-edge software together with daily global satellite imagery to create visually consistent and scientifically accurate mosaics. The visual basemaps are time series mosaic products created from all scenes captured within the month, optimized for consistency and minimal cloud cover.

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Salo Sciences’ proprietary Forest Observatory modeling technology provides regularly-updated mapping of fundamental forest and vegetation attributes at individual-tree scale allowing high-resolution, precise estimates and monitoring of above ground biomass, carbon, and tree counts.

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